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Commission Delays Vote On Review Of BernCo Sheriff Department Shootings

Wikimedia Commons via CC

UPDATE 2/28: Bernalillo County commissioners voted 3-2 Tuesday night to defer a vote on the measure for 30 days. 


Bernalillo County commissioners will consider whether to hire an outside company to scrutinize the sheriff’s department after a spike in officer-involved shootings last year. Deputies shot at 10 people in less than five months, injuring three and killing five.

Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins added the measure to tonight’s agenda just a few days ago. "Anything that comes out of these reviews, any policy changes really will be in the hands of the sheriff," she said.

This issue is bipartisan, Hart Stebbins said, and commissioners agree that there should be a review. "We have a very cooperative relationship with the sheriff’s department," she said, "again respecting that it’s his responsibility to make decisions about policies and procedures."

The county manager would give an update on findings toward the end of March.

Tuesday's meeting will be live-streamed on the Bernalillo County government website.

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