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UNM to hold a teach-in and benefit concert in solidarity with Ukraine

Rahim Alhaj
Oud player and composer Rahim AlHaj is due to perform at the event

A concert and teach-in to help Ukraine will be held at the Rodey Theater on the University of New Mexico campus on April 14. The audience will be invited to contribute what they can to benefit refugees now in Poland.

The event will include several speakers including Ukrainian activists working with refugees and local campaigners for migrant justice.

There will also be performances from the Argentinian-French band Engine and from Iraqi composer and Grammy-nominated oud player Rahim AlHaj.

AlHaj told KUNM that as someone who fled violence in his home country, the opportunity to help other people in a similar situation is an important one.

"I am one of the people who is really suffering from the war and displacement and a refugee," he said. "And I came as a refugee and I've been an advocate for immigrants and refugees around the world.

He said he wanted to put a human face on global cycles of violence in which civilians suffer the most.

"Unfortunately, we see it over and over and over again, that governments fight each other, and human beings pay the price."

The event starts at 7pm.

Alice Fordham joined the news team in 2022 after a career as an international correspondent, reporting for NPR from the Middle East and later Latin America and Europe. She also worked as a podcast producer for The Economist among other outlets, and tries to meld a love of sound and storytelling with solid reporting on the community. She grew up in the U.K. and has a small jar of Marmite in her kitchen for emergencies.
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