Growing Forward: The Dynamics Of Cannabis Legalization In New Mexico

Nov 23, 2020

Tuesday, 11/24, 8a: The push for the legalization of recreational cannabis has really picked up in recent years in the New Mexico legislature. In this week's episode, we look back at those efforts to date, and the strategy behind the legislation proposed in past sessions.

We talk to lawmakers and advocates about how that legislation addresses complicated issues like restorative justice, protecting the medical cannabis program, and other regulation concerns.

Growing Forward is a collaboration between New Mexico PBS and New Mexico Political Report, thanks to a grant from the New Mexico Local News Fund. Find all the episodes online or wherever you get your podcasts. 

The goal of the podcast is not to advocate one way or the other on legalization, but instead to take a look at how New Mexico’s medical cannabis program got to where it is today, the good and the bad of the current program, the primary players in the industry and what we might expect to see during the next legislative session.