Intersection Improvement Tied To Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project

Aug 5, 2016

The feds released a report on the most dangerous intersection in central New Mexico for pedestrians. It links improvements there to the controversial Albuquerque Rapid Transit project, or ART

Albuquerque’s Central and San Mateo intersection sees a lot of foot traffic and a lot of vehicles. The Federal Highway Administration came here and observed pedestrians forced off crowded sidewalks into the roadway while waiting for busses, and folks with disabilities trying to quickly cross six lanes.

A coming bus project is an opportunity to fix things up, according to the FHA. Local transportation planner Julie Luna agreed. Central is a great transit corridor, she says, but it carries a lot of fast-moving traffic. 

"It’s time to change the way this road operates," Luna said. "If it’s going  to happen through ART, great, we’re going to be right there to do it. These recommendations still stand if for any reason ART does not get implemented."

Recommendations include reducing Central down to two lanes in each direction, aligning wheelchair ramps with the crosswalks and making more room on the sidewalk for people at bus stops.

ART faces heavy public opposition from businesses and neighbors.