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Let's talk about the transition to electric vehicles

Ivan Radic
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Let’s Talk New Mexico 11/30 8am: Earlier this month, the state of New Mexico decided on next steps away from fossil fuels for transportation by approving regulations prioritizing more low-emissions vehicles on the road – including electric vehicles. But, concerns of infrastructure equity for EVs still remain for a state that remains largely rural.

On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’ll explore these new rules and how they’ll shape the future of transportation for all New Mexicans.

What questions do you have about EVs? If you own a low-emission vehicle, what has your experience been like? Do you live in an area with few, if any electric vehicle chargers? What other concerns do you have? Is this transition happening too quickly?

Email Letstalk@kunm.org, leave us a voice message by clicking record button below, or call in live during the show Thursday morning at 8.


Some voice messages from our listeners:


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