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We discuss a wide range of topics and stories on the show. News reporters explore their beats in greater detail during the hour-long show and listeners have the opportunity to weigh in, share their experiences and ask questions of our panelists. We cover culture, history, policy, government, the environment, education, lawmaking, criminal justice, public health, inequality and solutions to the problems we experience in our communities. 

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  • A recent series by KFF Health News and the New York Times found that roughly 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day until 2030. Most expect to live into their 80s and 90s as the price tag for long-term care explodes, outpacing inflation and reaching a half-trillion dollars a year. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll speak with one of the reporters who published this series, and we’ll hear from state officials and others on resources available here.
  • This year’s legislative session has officially come to an end and when it comes to child welfare the session was uneventful. There were several pieces of legislation proposing many solutions, but little saw movement or were deemed not germane. On this week’s Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’ll discuss what’s next for child welfare in New Mexico.
  • Gun violence has more than doubled in New Mexico since 2014. Deaths of children in 2023 led to the Governor’s contentious public health order to keep guns out of many public places. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll discuss gun safety, access, and the proposed new legislation making its way through the legislature.
  • New Mexico ranks last in the nation in child literacy, with almost 80% of children not proficient in reading by fourth grade. Governor Michelle Lujhan Grisham is pushing lawmakers to make greater investments in literacy.
  • New Mexico is once again seeing record revenues as lawmakers meet in Santa Fe to create a budget. That’s in large part due to booming oil and gas production. The state is the second-largest oil producer in the country and among the top 10 in natural gas production. But a number of bills in the legislative session would make big changes if they pass.
  • It’s time for another short legislative session focused on the state budget as New Mexico is seeing historically high revenue, mostly from oil and gas development. Where do you think lawmakers and the governor should be focusing our financial resources?
  • It’s that time of year when we think of resetting, making plans, maybe even some New Year’s resolutions. But at least one poll found that the average resolution lasts just over three months. So how do we make changes and plans that work for us, that will last past those first heady weeks of a new calendar? This week we'll talk with coaches and trainers about tips for finding what works.
  • As we wrap up 2023, we will take a look back at the last 12 months with a group of journalists discussing issues like abortion access, education policies, housing affordability and homelessness, climate change, redistricting, and health care.
  • The outdoor economy is booming in the West, and though New Mexico is a little behind our neighboring states, we are on the same trail. On the next Let’s Talk New Mexico we’ll discuss the impacts of a growing outdoor recreation sector, from economics to inclusion and equity.
  • Earlier this month, the state of New Mexico decided on next steps away from fossil fuels for transportation by approving regulations prioritizing more low-emissions vehicles on the road – including electric vehicles. But, concerns of infrastructure equity for EVs still remain for a state that remains largely rural.