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No More Normal: Our Common Purpose

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NoMoNo OCP Zoom Panel


If you have listened to the show for a while, a few months back, you may have heard an interview we had with Stephen Heintz, a co-chair of the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship. The commission is charged with discovering ways to activate participation of U.S. citizens in democratic civil life. So that's what they did. 

After spending two years and hundreds of hours talking with people all around the country about what’s working and what’s not, a group of 35 scholars, business leaders, and civic catalysts from all over the political and social spectrum have created a document. It’s called Our Common Purpose, and it was put out by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. 

These are practical, real suggestions to freshen up our system of government, to update it, so the people—all of us—are back in the driver’s seat. The NoMoNo team read it, and we were inspired to gather a panel of citizens to debate these ideas. 



  • Darshan Goux, one of the authors of the report
  • Dr. Gerald Chavez, a clinical psychologist 
  • Gus Pedrotty, a mayoral candidate in 2017
  • Business owner Kristelle Siarza
  • Pastor Barry Bitzer
  • Oriana Sandoval from the Center for Civic Policy
  • College student and poli sci major Taylor Velazquez


YOUR NM GOV: Your New Mexico Government, a collaboration between KUNM, NMPBS, and the Santa Fe Reporter is on top of all that’s happening at the Roundhouse as the 55th state legislative session is in full swing. We don’t have any updates on the show this week, but check out our conversation with Matt Grubs about the battle to set the rules for the legislative session on KUNM’s news broadcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. If you haven’t followed us yet, do it. This YNMG segment will pop up in your feed.


NEXT WEEK: Money, Money, Money. That has been on most people’s minds before the pandemic started. Cash is weighing on us even heavier as we try to pull ourselves out from under the pandemic waves. Next week we take a look at what’s going on in the economy, and what is the deal with Wall Street, Reddit, and gamestop?



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We dedicate this and every episode of No More Normal to Hannah Colton. We love and miss you Hannah




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Marisa Demarco began a career in radio at KUNM News in late 2013 and covered public health for much of her time at the station. During the pandemic, she is also the executive producer for Your NM Government and No More Normal, shows focused on the varied impacts of COVID-19 and community response, as well as racial and social justice. She joined Source New Mexico as editor-in-chief in 2021.