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Let's Talk About Family Dynamics

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Let’s Talk New Mexico 6/24 8am: Both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are now behind us, but what if you didn’t have a great relationship with your parents? What if you don’t have children? Our society continues to assume the idea of a nuclear family with a father, a mother and children is the norm. But New Mexico families take many forms, from grandparents raising grandchildren, to single parents, same-sex parents, and folks whose parents, or children, are no longer a part of their lives.  On this week’s Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’re talking about why it’s important to recognize and honor different family structures in our state, both socially and legally. We’ll talk to advocates who are working to change legal definitions in our legislature, folks who support people whose families have rejected them due to factors beyond their control, and therapists who work with children who have suffered one of the hardest losses of all- the death of a parent.


And we’ll be taking your calls and emails. Do you come from a family that doesn’t fit the traditional nuclear makeup ? Tell us about what was special about that arrangement. Or have you faced rejection from your own family due to your sexual orientation or gender identity? We’ll have folks on who can help provide you with some resources for dealing with such a difficult circumstance. Email us at Letstalk@KUNM.org, or call in live during the show, Thursday morning at 8 on KUNM. 




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