ABQ Voter Registration Closing Soon

Oct 12, 2017

Millennials are some of the least likely people to vote in city elections Ramon Montoya, a member of the New Mexico Voter Registration Group, said. The group is working to register as many residents as possible including young adults. 

Registering young people is only half the challenge, Montoya said, and they need to do more than sign up. He wants to make sure millennials are “taking that next step and actually going out and actually casting that ballot.” 

Millennial voters outnumber baby boomers, so their votes could have more impact, especially in the upcoming mayors race, Montoya said. Runoff elections usually have low turnouts, but if more people register it’s possible the turnout will be higher, he said.

Albuquerque residents still have time to register to vote. Tuesday, October 17, is the last day to register to vote in the mayoral runoff election between Tim Keller and Dan Lewis.