Voices Behind The Vote: Health Care And War Pull Veteran To The Polls

Oct 29, 2014

Veteran Pete Comstock was wounded in Vietnam—once by a hand grenade and once by an AK-47—and he’s recovered physically. “I have some combat trauma issues that I had to deal with as I was recovering coming back. But today, most days I’m pretty normal.”

Pete Comstock and Sharon, his wife of 54 years
Credit Courtesy of Pete Comstock

Comstock, a Republican from Cedar Crest, relies on VA health services and said he zeroes in on issues affecting veterans during every election cycle. In particular, he wants to ensure candidates will commit funding and support to medical care for returning soldiers, address military sexual trauma and work to stop the wars.

In 2014, he’s voting for Gov. Susana Martinez and Senate seat challenger and fellow veteran Allen Weh. He's also casting his vote for Democratic congressional incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham, who he said has done a good job of supporting veterans so far.