YNMG & COVID: Essential, Just Not Paid Like It

Apr 15, 2020


In episode 43, we talk about how not everybody's at home waiting out the pandemic. We hear from people around the state who are still employed and in public—but who don't make a lot of money—about their working conditions, their support from their employers and their fears about the virus.

Reporter Yasmin Khan spoke with Teresa Ultreras, who works in a grocery store bakery, and Lucy Hernandez, who works in child care. KUNM's Nash Jones reached out to Liz Coyle, the head cashier at a Sprouts in Las Cruces and to Dorian Jude, who works in auto glass repair, also in Las Cruces.

We also hear from Marcela Diaz, from Somos un Pueblo Unido, Marian Mendez-Cera from El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos and Stephanie Welch from the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty.

Special thanks to the KUNM crew for the reporting and editing help on this one: News Director Hannah Colton, reporter Bryce Dix and host / producer Ty Bannerman.

And a news update: In New Mexico, there are 90 more coronavirus patients in hospitals, and 22 on ventilators. The state’s Department of Health says no one in the state died today because of the virus. The total number of cases is at 1,484.

The state Supreme Court rejected a petition to hold the June primary entirely by mail. Though the Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver pointed out in a news release that you can still apply to vote absentee by mail for the next 49 days. And if you want to do that, here's where you can on the SOS website.


We're keeping a complete list of the resources and volunteer opportunities that we find for each episode at bit.ly/YNMGhub. And here's what we got from today.



How are things going for you? We want to know. Share your quarantine stories by calling: (505) 218-7084 and leaving us a message. We could roll them into a future episode.


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