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Searchlight New Mexico

  • As far-right conservatives make a bid for school board seats, disinformation is on the rise. Welcome to the culture wars.
  • Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has been selling a plan for the last several months to make New Mexico into a hydrogen energy hub. Her idea is that we can transform our economy, based primarily on natural resource extraction, into one that is more renewable – but there is some controversy. On this #YNMG we’ll get into some details of how to make energy from hydrogen and why it may not be environmentally friendly. We’ll also talk about some of the hydrogen bills that have been in front of the legislature this year, whether the legislation is in fact dead for now, and where it might go from here. Then, we’ll touch on some of the other energy and environmental bills that have been introduced this session.
  • Today we’ll take our first dive into education in this legislative session - and it’s a doozy. But we don’t shy away from controversy on #YNMG; we dig into it. School boards around the country have been among the new cultural battlegrounds where parents with differing political views fight for their respective moral values. Sometimes it gets ugly. Along with new ideas of trying to respect more perspectives in school curriculum has come the backlash over the perception of critical race theory sneaking in and harming our kids.
  • Summer is winding down and harvest season is quickly approaching. The change of the season is always very beautiful, but before the excitement of the…
  • University Showcase, Friday 8/21 8a: COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the Navajo Nation, which only this week began a cautious re-opening. Not long ago,…