YNMG & COVID: Race, Privilege And Reopening

The past few weeks have seen a rise to anti-shutdown protests in many parts of the country. Some have observed the number of weapons at some of these protests, others have observed that most of the participants are white. That made us think, how does race factor into the conversations around re-opening? In episode 66, we talk with some of the louder voices in the state speaking out against New Mexico’s shutdown, and national anti-racism activist Tim Wise. And we hear from a guy who’s worked for years to grapple with his own privilege. These conversations might give us a window into what the future holds.

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As COVID Cripples Major Beef Processors, N.M. Ranchers Connect Directly With Consumers

The coronavirus pandemic has upended normal food distribution networks, especially for meat. It has also left ranchers struggling, unable to get their cattle to market as the virus sickens workers in processing plants around the country and slows production. New Mexico ranchers are working on ways around these problems by going directly to consumers, and they’re hoping it will spark long-term change in the industry.

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FRI: As COVID-19 Cases Pass 6,600 Officials Focus On Kids, + More

Health Officials Focus On Young People As COVID-19 Cases Pass 6,600 – Associated Press State health officials say they are beginning to look more closely at whether younger people without symptoms are potentially spreading the coronavirus.

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KUNM's Sarah Gustavus speaks to Kevin Robinson Avila, senior reporter at the New Mexico Business Weekly about plans to open a full service branch of the New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union at the Atrisco Heritage Academy in Albuquerque.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons by Jim Legans Jr.

Albuquerque – KUNM's Sarah Gustavus speaks with writers and reporters from the online New Mexico Independent.


Michelle Esch, Courtesy of Laurie Berkner

Mini Concert With Laurie Berkner

Sat. 5/23 9a: On this episode of The Children's Hour we’re joined by the legendary children’s musician Laurie Berkner for a mini concert and conversation. Plus we’ll find out about what’s going on with albatrosses, and we learn about a newly discovered species of dinosaur, the Dineobellator notehesperus.

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Weekday roundup of news, community stories and resources about coronavirus in the state with an eye on governmental response hosted by Khalil Ekulona.

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