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The KUNM news team's coverage of the 2020 legislative session and its impacts

No More Normal: Disappearing Acts

Leslie Granda-Hill / 2020
"Aftermath" is part of an online exhibition by 516 ARTS in Albuquerque called The Resilience Project, used here with permission of the artist and the gallery. Find that exhibition at 516museumfromhome.org

This week, we get into what has disappeared from our lives—good or bad—during the pandemic. Episode 2 is all about what’s going, going, gone, maybe for good. We learn of attempts to erase people from the Census. We talk to Sen. Martin Heinrich about the erosion of our civil liberties. We reflect on what’s fading from our relationships and mental wellness. We hear from a COVID-19 survivor, so the realities of the virus don’t slip away. We examine the consciousness of community and the loss of a collective future with an international futurist. We reflect on a disappearing chicken and what life was like pre-pandemic. And we try to see and hear a vanishing Rio Grande.

Sen. Martin Heinrich talks about what the Trump administration is calling Operation Legend, a deployment of federal agents to Albuquerque that officials say is meant to combat violent crime. But many people here fear this is another crackdown akin to what we’re seeing on the streets of Portland, as demonstrators stand against racial injustice and deadly police violence.

Environmental journalist Laura Paskus wrote an article that’s a love letter to the Rio Grande, called “Memory of a River” for the Santa Fe Reporter. She reads excerpts on the riverbank throughout the episode.

Credit Nicholas Jacobsen
Still from a video "I' M P U R E deeds"

Tricklock Company’s Executive Director Juli Hendren and collaborator / Revolutions Marketing Director Marya Errin Jones work through Tricklock’s closing after 27 years. And they talk about why we need art—especially in tumultuous times.

Local comedian Sarah Kennedy tells a before-times-y story about a disappearing chicken.

Isaac De Luna from the Center for Civic Policy explains why the push to exclude undocumented immigrants from population counts as the country’s voting districts are redrawn is a racist move from federal government.

Megan Kamerick interviews COVID-survivor Gwen Samuels for New Mexico PBS. Samuels is an artist,and explained the experience of the illness, including the potential long-term consequences for even people who aren't killed by coronavirus.

Dr. Gerald Chavez, a psychologist, shares his observations of our relationships with one another and why our patience might be disintegrating. He also unpacks the shared mental health challenges any of us could be facing, and encourages us to do a “checkup from the neck up.”

And futurist Puruesh Chaudhary, founder and CEO of nonprofit Agahiin Islamabad, Pakistan, explores media distrust and the loss of a future.

Next week: The Feds Are Here

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Special thanks to:

  • Artist Leslie Granda-Hill and 516 ARTS. For more art from their show “The resilience Project,” head over to their virtual gallery: 516museumfromhome.org
  • Jeremy Jasper and the crew at Oh Lawd Records, as well as Dahm Life, for hooking us up with music for the show. Khaki, Pope Yes Yes Y’all, and Bigawatt composed the show’s theme music.
  • Composer Eric G. Nord who wrote “Wate Heart.” And Dylan McLaughlin, Jessica Zeglin and Marisa Demarco, who composed “There Must Be Other Names For The River.”
  • River singers: Ryan Dennison, Antonia Montoya, Kenn Cornell, Monica Demarco, Jessica Chao, Mauro Woody, Marya Errin Jones, Ana Alonso-Minutti, Rebecca Jones, Austin Fisher, Tanya Nuñez, Celia Ameline, Maggie Siebert, Quela Robinson, Hannah Colton, Anna Rutins, Keegan Kloer, Peri Pakroo, Nicholas Jacobsen, Lazarus Letcher and Laura Carlson.
  • Kaveh Mowahed and Bryce Dix for the big-time editing help.
  • Vanessa Bowen of Bowen Creative, who designed our logo.

No More Normal is brought to you by Your New Mexico Government, a collaboration between KUNM, New Mexico PBS, and the Santa Fe Reporter. Funding for our coverage comes from the New Mexico Local News Fund, the Kellogg Foundation and KUNM listeners like you, with support for public media provided by the Thornburg Foundation. 

Marisa Demarco began a career in radio at KUNM News in late 2013 and covered public health for much of her time at the station. During the pandemic, she is also the executive producer for Your NM Government and No More Normal, shows focused on the varied impacts of COVID-19 and community response, as well as racial and social justice. She joined Source New Mexico as editor-in-chief in 2021.
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